The NIV New Testament Bible on MP3 and the NIV Old Testament Bible on MP3 are fantastic! I listened to all of Hebrews today. It only took 38 minutes, and while it doesn’t replace slow and detailed study of the Bible, it’s a fantastic way to get the big picture of whole books in the Bible. Today I noticed the word “ashamed” in Hebrews. I’ve noticed it in both Hebrews 2:11 and 11:16 before, but never in the same sitting.

In 2:11 Jesus isn’t ashamed to call Christians his “brothers” and in 11:16 God isn’t ashamed to be called “God” by his People. Incredible! God the Father and God the Son are not ashamed to bring us into their family. We are often ashamed and embarrased to call Jesus “brother” or to say we belong to “God”, yet he isn’t the embarassing family-member, we are!

Praise be to God for the “better word” spoken through Jesus’ blood and that he tasted death for his brothers so that we wouldn’t have to! Are you part of the family?


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    Audio Bible is awesome!

    I took your advice and downloaded the entire Bible. I automatically went to listen to a New Testament book, but decided to listen to Isaiah.

    Isaiah has been one of those books that has familiar chapters, but as a whole its way confusing!
    So hopefully after listening to it over and over while I work, the next time I dig in, the entire flow will make more sense.


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