Break it Down #3

Word up homies. I’ve had a good weekend. Chores. Wedding. Reading. Church. Food. Bible. Sleep. Family. Things. Stuff. How was your weekend? Hope you have a killer week!

Excessive Celebration video above. Very funny. Watch until the end (h/t failblog)

See below for the weekly break down.

Top 5 DMDC Comment Subscribers

If you leave a comment on this blog, you have the option to subscribe to further comments via email. The following peeps are loyal comment followers. They each have their own blog. Give them some sugar.

  1. Joel PJ – he’s a poly-instrumentalist and has just started a new music charts blog
  2. Geoff C – he’s THE geoffc – prolific blog commenter + #1 fan of above video!
  3. Rhys E – he’s not the best speller, but has his digital-finger on the tech-pulse
  4. Reuben S – he helped me to pass greek last year with his sweet vocab tools
  5. Doug F – he’s 5 times smarter than me, but I could beat him in a fight

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Peaceout homies.


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