Jesus Life Culture Design #15

Just finishing up a two week break from college. It’s now business time. Only 4 weeks until end of year Greek – I’ve been working hard… but need to work harder!! My prediction for tonight’s Football game: Central Coast Mariners 3 vs Melbourne Victory 1. Hope you’re having a killer weekend.

Special feature this week in JLCD. Below are the top 10 most clicked posts from Feb-Sep on DMDC:

  1. /2008/08/21/michael-guglielmucci-admits-faking-cancer/
  2. /2008/08/29/burn-your-plastic-jesus-2/
  3. /2008/03/16/passion-world-tour-sydney/
  4. /2008/08/28/driscoll-at-moore-college/
  5. /2008/03/27/driscoll-on-the-coast/
  6. /2008/02/14/be-a-greek-geek/
  7. /2008/06/24/mark-driscoll-sydney-australia/
  8. /2008/08/24/rice-rally-2008/
  9. /2008/09/11/church-planting/
  10. /2008/02/04/back-to-school/

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