Jesus Life Culture Design #25


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    Do you think it’s poor form that The Resurgence list only had books that were arguing against NT Wright and New Perspectives, but didn’t bother to show any books or links by Saunders, Dunn or Wright?

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    not in the slightest.

    one of my aims in youth ministry is that Christians teenagers will be discerning whenever they read “stuff”. “stuff” may be the world and culture around them. “stuff” may be secular books. “stuff” may be Christian books.

    BUT – when i give a list of recommended books to the youth i’m ministering to, i don’t put on the ones that i don’t recommend.

    i’m more than happy for resurgence to show their theological colours in their recommended reading list.

    do you think it’s poor form?

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    If it is about showing their theological colours, then I don’t think it is poor form.

    But if people are to understand for themselves what Wright et. al. are saying about justification, it is not most helpful I believe to just read all the arguments against their position.

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