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Registration for LOVIN’ THE COAST + SICK OF RELIGION? opens tomorrow on Below is a personal invitation from Mark Driscoll to the two events. (Click here for a list of other events with Driscoll in Australia.)

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  1. says

    I’m trying to start something called the 5 Million Club. I’m looking for, best and most popular videos on Youtube. I’m trying to find videos that have at least 1 million hits with a rating of over 5 stars. You wouldn’t by chance have any recommendations? So far I have almost 200 videos added to the 5 Million Club Playlist and I’m looking for more. So far I have very few political videos.

  2. Pastor Jachin Charley says

    Date: May 8, 2009
    Beloved in Jesus Christ,

    Greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Jachin Charley, I am 33 years old. I am serving the Lord as an Evangelist and helping the poor. Beloved, in my Rustumbada village, so many poor people are staying in small huts. They don’t have proper food, clothes. Due to poverty they are not having education. They are living in so much agony and pain. They don’t have proper Medical facilities. We are giving them food, clothes and medicines. We are spending our own money to help them with God’s Love. I have started Jesus Gospel Ministry in the year 2006 on September 28. We are giving them Good News of Jesus. They are accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Please pray for these people. Please forward this message to many Christians to support our Indian ministry. For your reference we are sending some ministry photos. Please click the bellow link to view the Jesus Gospel Ministry photos.


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