Great new commercial for THANK YOU. If you haven’t tried their products – do it! They’re top quality and each purchase helps someone in need. Here’s the blurb from the vid:

Introducing our new TV commercial that aims to showcase our range of life-changing products and educate Australia on the meaning of social enterprise.

Thanks to Channel 7 and Channel 9 for agreeing to air this ad at absolutely no cost to Thankyou. This ad was created in partnership with Kintaro Studios and Aspect Media, both of which provided services at reduced costs.

Thankyou is a social enterprise that exists for the sole purpose of funding life-changing projects in developing nations with 100 per cent of profits going towards water, food and health and hygiene solutions.

We’re here to empower you to ‘live every day, give every day’ through simply switching the brand of products you buy during your weekly grocery shop.

For more info on Thankyou and our range of life-changing products, head to


Don’t you hate all the sensational headlines used by buzzfeed, upworthy and co that people share virally on Facebook? Me too. I’m sorry if you clicked through to this one expecting more! But I do think that Napoleon Dynamite’s question is funny. My whole way through college when lecturer’s asked for questions, I always wanted to ask this one. I didn’t.

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Jesus has street cred. He’s respected by all the major world religions. And even the average person who isn’t particularly religious respects Jesus.

In pop culture, Jesus is often presented as a likeable figure.

Hollywood celebrities including Ashton Kutcher, Brad Pitt, Madonna, Pamela Anderson and Ben Affleck helped to make famous a t-shirt declaring that JESUS IS MY HOMEBOY. You know, we hang together, roll together, he’s got my back, I’ve got his back. Word.

Then there is BUDDY CHRIST. Originally from a movie no-one can actually remember, Buddy Christ is a parody trying to show a friendly, Jesus-is-my-buddy type of Jesus. This particular image was then made into a bobble head, what’s not to love about a Bobble Head Christ! Jesus is my buddy, my pal and good for a laugh.

But the ultimate example of Jesus as a likeable figure is from the classic 1986 Aussie movie, Crocodile Dundee. Mick Dundee responds to the question of whether he was afraid of dying after being attacked by a crocodile…

I read The Bible once. You know God and Jesus and all them apostles? They were all fishermen, just like me. Yeah, straight to heaven for Mick Dundee. Yep, me and God, we’d be mates.

Most Aussies would believe that, if there is a God, then just like Mick Dundee “me and God, we’d be mates”.

Is it right to refer to God and Jesus this way? Is Jesus your mate?
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Mitch Everingham is a young guy from our church who has been a massive encouragement to me. On the 23rd December 2010 his sister Rachel died suddenly in their family home. In this video, Mitch shares of the struggle to deal with this grief, the choices he made, and the hope he has found only in Jesus. Powerful stuff.

Check out or for more info about the hope that Jesus brings.



Does God make sense to you? Check out this fantastic (and freshly updated) website:

Excellent for those checking out Jesus. Likewise a great resource for Christians to pass on to friends who are considering Jesus.


what is it?

What’s the best thing you can do while you are at University? Possible contenders: make new friends; wear tracky-dacks every day; party; learn new skills; party; join an obscure club or society; acquire fresh taste in music; maybe even embrace your education!

The best thing you can do while at University is to… THINK. Think about life, the universe and everything. The best thing to think about while at Uni is… Jesus.

You may not be overly religious or churchy. But that’s okay. Uni is a good place to consider as, an adult, what you think about the big questions of life.

Over the last few years I’ve been able to speak at the AFES groups at UTS, USYD, UWS and Macquarie. I started the AFES group on the Central Coast Campus of Newcastle 15 years ago. My sister and her husband are currently involved in the excellent AFES group on the main Campus of Newcastle Uni. AFES groups are fantastic!

What’s an AFES group? It stands for the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Which basically means it’s a group of students who take time each week on Campus to seriously consider what the Bible has to say about Jesus.

Just starting Uni? If you’re a Christian, it’s a no-brainer… sign yourself up! But even if you’re not into him, take some time while at uni to consider Jesus.

Likewise, if you’re coming back for another year of uni – take time to consider Jesus.

Find an AFES group on your campus. Check out the video below:

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Gentlemen… Do you struggle with porn? Then you should join in Tim Challies’ 31 Days of Purity. I know many young Christian guys who know that this behaviour is destructive and yet feel like they are losing the battle to fight against it.

Have you overcome a prior addiction to porn? You should still consider joining Tim Challies’ 31 Days of Purity. I have some software on my computer called Covenant Eyes. When I was studying at Moore College, the lovingly College paid for all students to have this accountability software. When I finished college I decided that, even though porn wasn’t a present struggle, it was worth keeping the software to help remain pure.

Just this last week I thought it might be time to get rid of Covenant Eyes as it sometimes takes a little bit to log on. But I’m convicted of the wisdom in leaving it on my computer. Tim Challies recent article When you’re at your best plan for your worst was a great word to not let my guard down:

There is a kind of weakness, a kind of vulnerability, that may come when we are convinced of our strength. It is when we are not being tempted, it is when we are standing strong in the Lord’s grace, that we ought to consider the times we will be weak and tempted and eager to sin. We need to assume such times will come and we need to use the moments of strength to put measures in place that will protect us when we are weak.

Sounds wise, right?

31 Days of Purity will be taking place throughout March 2014. Here is Day 1. My tip for Australian readers is to stay a day behind because of the posting time.

Here’s the invite from Challies:

Men, I want to offer you a challenge. You too, women, but allow me speak to the men first. Beginning on March 1, I am going to begin a program I’m calling 31 Days of Purity. This is for all of us—for those who are young and those who are old, for those who are married and those who are single, for those who struggle mightily in the area of sexual sin and for those who may barely struggle at all. I would love it if you would commit with me to 31 Days of Purity—thirty-one days of considering what God’s Word says about sexual purity and thirty-one days of praying that God would help us fight sin and pursue holiness in this area.

As well as following along at you can join a Facebook group with (at the moment) almost 2000 other dudes wanting to fight to be holy.

Who’s keen?