Pinch + Punch // March 2010

Welcome to an exciting new monthly blog series at dmdc: Pinch + Punch! It may look like a re-branding of a previous lamely named series – but it’s oh so much more! // March isn’t too hectic at college, but I’ve got quite a few speaking opportunities. So hoping I can preach well AND work hard at college even though there isn’t much due.

I planned on trying to design a desktop wallpaper each month. Let’s be real. That’s not going to happen. So above is my favourite from the March selection at Smashing Magazine. It’s called: Haiku on Hanami. I’m not very good at poetry. But I want to be. So I’m hoping it will inspire me to greater poetic poetry poetiness. Or not.

Here’s the best of February (according to clicks) and some other stats:

If you’ve read this far – you have to leave a comment in the form of a Haiku poem. 5-7-5. Thanks.


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