1. Daniel says

    love this this short film.
    I work in digital print and its nice to see how certain parts of the print industry have changed.

  2. Daniel says

    We’ll as i say i work in digital print therefore there is no need for plate making, we use a system called CTP (computer to plate) and i guess back then there would of been a lot more skill involved in the industry.
    Today we still have a job ticket man right through to proofing, printing and print finshing.
    I work for a small company so that means i get to work in all areas of print.

    Sometime i wish i was a bit older so that i could of experienced print back in those days.

    I sometimes think about maybe starting a small project up on documenting the print industry back then through to todays…

  3. says

    that would be an interesting doco.

    the printing press coming about in the 1400’s was significant for the Bible being translated and distributed and the protestant reformation of the 1500’s.

    shoot me an email if you ever do a project like that.


  4. Daniel says

    Yes Dave i will be sure to do that, firstly i will be looking to maybe start up a printing blog documenting a range of things through out the industry.

    I came across this documentry on youtube that i thought you may like…
    (1 of 6) so when you’ve got a spare hour check it out, its just as great as the one you’ve posted if not maybe better, you decide.


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