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I’ve been asked a few times recently for some resources on Kids and the Internet. Here are some notes that I’ve written previously for this page.

MyKid on MySpace

My talk to Parents

MyKid on MySpace – Wary but Willing Parenting of Techno-Talented Tots, Tweens & Teenagers

Download – from summerfest 08

Download – from good news week 09

MySpace Links

Dave’s Top Ten Tips

1. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
2. Try to understand the MySpace world
3. Computer in public (e.g. lounge room not bedroom)
4. Shoulder surf – discourage secret keeping
5. Remind to be cautious (think before you post)

6. Make your profile private (and pics etc)
7. Don’t add strangers
8. Limit the use of personal info
9. Report red flags (“block user”, “mark as spam”)
10. Regularly clean up your profile

Accountability and Filters

  • X3 watch – FREE. X3 watch sends fortnightly reports to 2 email buddies with questionable sites visited. It also says when the system has been turned off.
  • Safe Eyes – FREE (in Australia). This filter has been provided through the Australian Government’s NetAlert – Protecting Australian Families Online initiative
  • Covenant Eyes – Covenant Eyes Software provides Internet Integrity with accountability reports.
  • parents page – don’t let the name put you off! This site is doing a great job at fighting for purity online. Very good advice for parents + links to some more helpful sites.

Key Terms + Other Links

Questions or suggestions

Think before you post videos

While every effort has been made to provide reliable sources, CCECYOUTH (and doesn’t take responsibility for all of the content contained on the above websites.


  1. says

    Thanks for speaking out about this important issue. Great videos. Thanks also for mentioning Covenant Eyes accountability program!

    I really do believe that the best way to guard against pornography being exposed to children is by influencing the behavior of adults.

    I wrote a little about my journey away from pornography addiction on my company’s blog:

    I invite you to go to and enter promocode ‘onefree’ to receive a free 30 day trial of the program. That promo code is open to anyone who wants it!

    Luke Gilkerson
    Internet Community Manager
    Covenant Eyes


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