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    Wow. That is…at the same time, a great resource, since it explains complex theology in a short video, but I think as (what I think it is a gospel presentation) it’s too complicated. I understood this video because of a whole bunch of Bible Reading and Theology training, but if I posted this to my fb wall, I might just get blank looks from my friends.

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      hey man – i think you’re right.

      here are some comments from when i posted it on Facebook:

      Peter Ko Hey Dave, what do you think of it as a gospel presentation?
      20 November at 08:08 · Like · 1

      Dave Miers Hey Peter Ko, I’ve watched it twice, probably need to watch another couple of times. I like it, I get what he’s trying to do with more of a Trinitarian approach, but wonder whether it’s a bit confusing and/or complex. I feel some of the concepts would take another 15 minutes to explain to the Christian. So perhaps there’s too much assumed knowledge for the non-Christian?
      Will keep thinking.
      Why are your thoughts?
      20 November at 08:21 via mobile · Like · 1

      Peter Ko Yes I agree with you on all your points. And I wonder if, because of the emphasis on ‘being in Adam’ as the source of our problems may actually take some attention away from sin as personal rejection and rebellion against God. But I may have missed som…See More
      20 November at 08:26 · Unlike · 2

      Dave Miers Good thoughts. Let me know how it goes at church
      20 November at 08:31 via mobile · Like · 1

      Craig Hamilton Just watched it. I thought it was pretty good. I love the infographic style!

      I agree that perhaps there’s too many concepts/assumed knowledge for the non-christian. I wouldn’t use it as a gospel presentation. Besides it being a bit concept-heavy it doesn’t tell them what they need to do to say yes to Jesus. Tell me about faith, tell me about repentance.

      But I reckon it’s pretty good for insiders. A bit long for in church for my liking, though. But there’s heaps of other uses.

      And the phrase “put the world to rights” is such a jarring phrase. No one ever says that phrase, except for NT Wright and those who’ve read him but can’t quite work out what he means by it ;)

      So I liked it as a thing for Christians or new Christians.

      Thanks for posting it!
      20 November at 18:52 · Like

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