Youth Ministry Vision Talk

Casting vision is an important aspect of leading a youth ministry. The following are 6 tips I sent to a friend who asked for some advice in writing a vision talk for his youth group kick-off talk. (I’m guessing they are applicable in any ministry).

youth ministry vision

  1. Keep it big. Help people see the size of the vision.
  2. Keep it small. Help people see how they can be part of it in their own way.
  3. Don’t tackle too much. You might refer to each purpose, but you wouldn’t want to explain each in length.
  4. Remember your audience. Have something younger have something older. eg “if you’re in yr 7 it might look like this”, “if you’re in yr 12…”
  5. Remind people of the gospel. The cross of Jesus ought to drive all of our preaching and ministry.
  6. Get people pumped!

1 warm fuzzy to the first person to name the location of the Thai Restaurant in the above picture…


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    guthers – it’s all yours!!!!

    you are sooooo good at maths!! you are an incredible mathematician!

    hey now that i’ve paid you a warm fuzzy – i still need to pay you a coffee from last year. you, me and sam need to work out a time for a date…

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    rumour has it that you and sam are congregating in the newtown area during the week, and I will be having a few study days over the next little while on a wednesday.
    maybe we can tee something up on a wed arvo?

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