I recently saw my friend, Simon Jackson, inviting friends and church members on Facebook to join him at his next “pop-up pastor” location. Pop-up what? Intrigued, I asked Jacko to write a guest blog post about his experiences. Jacko is on the ministry team at Church by the Bridge, Kirribilli & Lavender Bay. A great church on the north side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, check it out if you’re in the area or visiting Sydney!

Have you noticed those stores in shopping centres and malls that just pop-up for a brief stint, sell some stuff, pack up and then they’re gone? I’m pretty sure they call them pop-up stores – yeah?

Drop in, make an impact, gone.

A few weeks ago early one Tuesday morning four things came together; (i) for some reason the ‘pop-up’ concept popped into my head; (ii) I had a meeting in the Sydney CBD at 2.30pm, (iii) a 1pm Tuesday lunchtime pastoral catch-up fell through and (iv) I needed to eat lunch that day! Strangely that quartet of ideas gave rise to what is known as ‘Pop-Up Pastoring’.

‘Pop-up Pastoring’ was birthed that day and has been alive and well since.

How does it work?

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Everything is changing. Two weeks ago our friends Dariush, Leila and Mahsa moved out of our home. Our house now seems empty. It’s getting even emptier. In a week we will be moving out too.

In the video above you will hear the story about how Dariush, Leila and Mahsa came to live with us. They are asylum seekers and it’s been a privilege to live with them for the last 12 months.

Why would we consider opening our home to asylum seekers? There are at least 3 reasons:

1) Because God first loved us

I give a couple of 1 John quotes in the video about how God has loved us in Christ, and we ought to love like God loves us. Loving like God is costly and sacrificial.

2) Because hospitality is part of my job description

The Pastoral Letters in the Bible (1 & 2 Timothy and Titus) consistently teach that hospitality is one of the requirements of being a leader in God’s church. Rowena and I have tried to be hospitable over the last 11 years of marriage as we have had people over for dinner, had people stay with us and look for opportunities to include others. So having asylum seekers stay with us for 1 year was really an extension of what we’ve already been doing.

3) Because we can

We currently live in a 5 bedroom house. I’m adequately paid in my role at church. And so we have been able to show hospitality because of the resources available to us. We are about to move into a 2 bedroom house. It will be a little trickier to have a family of 3 join a family of 5 in such a small space. But we hope to still take love to people in need and show hospitality in whatever way we can with the means we have.

Radio Interview

I was interviewed by Dominic Steele after this video was first released online. You can hear a slightly longer version than the story in the video on this podcast.

The GiveLove Appeal

ANGLICARE, who made the above video, are doing some great work among Asylum Seekers. They are partnering with churches to think about how they can welcome strangers and care for them in practical ways. Check out TAKELOVE.COM.AU to find out how you can contribute to this important work.



What is happening to Christians in Iraq at the moment is truly horrifying (see my previous posts: here, here and here). I understand from Iraqi Christians, including some that have got in touch with me, that they are encouraged by the support from Christians around the world – through the financial support and also something simple like changing your social media profile picture. According to Open Doors, support raised is saving the lives of persecuted Christians.

I’ve been encouraged to see the ‘N’ letter become a symbol among 1000s of Christians in the West. Persecution isn’t something new. Followers of Jesus have suffered greatly for the last 2000 years. There are some 200 million Christians in our world who live under the constant threat of persecution because they belong to Jesus. So I think it’s a good thing that more Christians in the West are more aware of persecution so that they can stand with other believers, support them financially and pray that they would persevere. I also pray that it would help me examine more seriously my own discipleship and willingness to live for Jesus no matter the cost.

Open Doors have a new blog post suggesting 4 WAYS YOU CAN HELP CHRISTIANS IN IRAQ. One of their suggestions is to “TELL THEIR STORY” – they have just launched a t-shirt to help tell the story of persecuted believers. Here is part of the story behind the picture on the shirt:

The town on the shirt is Alqosh, a small Christian-majority town in Iraq.

Alqosh, like many parts of Iraq, has had Christians living in it for well over 1300 years. It is also the biblical town of the prophet Nahum. Mosul was initially taken over by IS in June. But since the ultimatum, there are now no Christians there for the first time in 1600 years. Places like Alqosh and Qaraqosh had become places of refuge for Christians, but in early August, Qaraqosh was also taken over by IS, and about 50,000 Christians were once again forced to flee.

Tens of thousands of Christians are on the move in Iraq, as IS continues to spread throughout villages and cities.

The shirt comes with 1 Corinthians 12:26 printed on the right sleeve.
“ If one part suffers, every part suffers with it”

Read the rest of the story, buy a shirt and keep telling their story.

Also check out the Open Doors blog post for information about upcoming prayer days.

See my other posts tagged ‘persecution’



Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) continue to advance throughout Iraq and Syria on a rampage that is now being called genocide. I’m horrified to hear about what is happening to Christians and other minorities. Canon Andrew White, the Vicar of Baghdad, has been sharing heart-breaking stories and suggests that Christians should pray and give money.

Keen to give money? Voice of the Martyrs, Bible Society and Anglican Aid.

Keen to pray? Canon White continues to suggest to pray for 3 things: protection; provision; and perseverance. Below is a prayer I have written to use in church around this three fold structure. Feel free to share, use and adapt:

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My post on persecuted Christians in Iraq continues to be shared around the world. I’m encouraged to see many Christians standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Iraq. However, it is distressing and horrifying to see that things have been getting even worse under the cruel hand of Islamic State. I have a more detailed follow-up post on the way, but in the meantime here is another way that you can support Christians who have been displaced.

Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) in Australia have contacts on the ground in Iraq through VOM USA. They have already raised over $75K to put towards emergency relief packs. It’s only cost $25 for each #WeAreN pack. See below for a link to donate:

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We are leaving for Melbourne at the end of the month.

Please join us from 7pm on Wednesday 13 August to say goodbye at our St Faith’s farewell. The night will also include Dave getting Ordained as a Presbyter by the Anglican Bishop of North Sydney.

All are welcome. If you can RSVP on the Facebook Event, that’d be helpful.

Contact office@stfaiths.org.au if you can help with supper.

St Faith’s address: 5-9 Clarke Street Narrabeen NSW 2101.

Our final weekend in church will be 16-17 August. Dave will be preaching at all services.



Today has been such a long and epic day! My heart is full. So much food for the soul that I almost broke twitter trying to share it all! Bed is wooing me to slumber, so here are some brief highlights of day two. [Actually, bed won the wooing competition, this post is now being finished on Wednesday morning!]

Bryan Chapell kicked off the morning with “I AM THE SON OF GOD” which was on John 10:30 where Jesus says he and the Father are one. Here are my two favourite tweets:


My elective stream today was presented by Paul Tripp. It feels like he spent 3 hours slapping me in the face and cutting me to the heart. Much needed! There are too many tweets to share here, but here’s a selection of the many…

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This week I’ve been tweeting like crazy at the Oxygen Conference. There are a whole bunch of people here with a press pass that are sharing content via social media and different websites. Below are the websites that I know of, let me know of any others.

You can also follow along with the twitter feed:
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Oxygen Conference began today with Professor John Lennox introducing the series on the “I AM” Statements in John’s Gospel: I appreciated hearing that Christians are people whose faith is built on solid evidence.

This afternoon I went to the first elective stream session on Preaching with Dr Bryan Chapell: his call to read and preach all of scripture through a redemptive lens was clear and inspiring.

In tonight’s session, D.A. Carson spoke on John 6 “I AM the Bread of Life”: a beautiful call to feed upon Jesus by believing that He gave his life on our behalf.


The official photographs are being captured by by the very talented Josh Mikhaiel. See below for 8 of his shots summarising the day:
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One of the great features of attending a large conference like Oxygen is the joy of singing with throngs of other Christians. The opening song in today’s first session was ‘No Other Name’ by Trev Hodge, it was loud, clear and Christ-centred. One of those goose bump moments. Great stuff.

I love to feature newish music on this blog. Phil Wickham’s ‘This is Amazing Grace’ was introduced in the same session. Great tune, solid lyrics. To be honest, I think the arrangement today was even better than the official video above! Here’s the chorus:

This is amazing grace
This is unfailing love
That You would take my place
That You would bear my cross
You lay down Your life
That I would be set free
Oh, Jesus, I sing for
All that You’ve done for me

I’m blogging this week at Oxygen. With a flurry of quotes coming out on twitter too.



Over the weekend I had the privilege to be involved with the ‘Rethink Jesus’ mission run by Christian Fellowship at CSU Wagga. As well as giving talks from Luke’s gospel, I was able to be part of a stall that the group ran on Sunday afternoon during a university-wide carnival.

A key feature of the Christian Fellowship stall was a massive “What’s your worldview” laminated A1 poster. It was a brilliant tool! Many students stopped to consider what it is that they believe. With each of them there was the opportunity to listen to their  worldview and hear how they think and arrive at conclusions. It was also a really solid time of commending the Christian Theistic worldview and to further consider Jesus.

See below for the Worldview Chart and Worldview Summary.

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This is a great video of Guy Mason (City on a Hill) interviewing Matt Chandler (The Village + Acts 29). They cover the following topics: how the good news of Jesus has changed Chandler’s life; how to avoid chasing after celebrity status as a pastor; and the upcoming Acts 29 National Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m looking forward to Leading on the Frontlines. Check out the website for more details and online rego. You can see more Acts 29 related posts on this blog.