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Break it Down #10

Special announcement for online friends: Rowena and I are expecting a baby! We’re really excited. Well, I’m excited and Row’s pretty uncomfortable as there are only 3.5 weeks until download day (June 10). Stay tuned for more news on Mini-Miers.

row + dave + 1

Top 20 baby names (suggestions welcome) + weekly break it down content below:

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Break it Down #9

KYCK09 has just finished its third weekend. Over the last 3 weeks I’ve consistently had people searching for “Victory Boy” find their way to dmdc. Victory Boy was a lame (good lame) superhero character featured each weekend. I know him, so I might try and see if we can get him on an episode of On the Voddy. Stay tuned. I’ve also had a few groupies searching for the MC, Danny Mitchell, I don’t think he has a blog, so go find him over on facebook. Props to Steve Jeffrey & the crew for pulling off KYCK09.


Every month smashing magazine have a killer selection of desktop calendars. Above (click it for full glory) is the one I’ve selected for May. In other breaking news, please don’t tell anyone, but I kinda enjoyed some Greek study tonight!!

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Willoughby @ KYCK 09

Had a killer time with the Willoughby crew at KYCK 09. Highlights include: 1 person becoming a Christian; a number of them recommitted to follow Jesus; meals; Saturday late night discussion group over supper; an epic game of sardines on Saturday arvo; Qurious concert (vid); preaching from Ross Ciano and Scott Petty; playing ‘skip-it’ with the iPod in the car each trip; being reminded that Jesus is the victorious Lamb of God. Here’s a photo of our group (missing a few of peeps who left that morning).

Willoughby @KYCK 09

I haven’t been to a KYCK since I became a Christian there in 1997. It was good to be back!! I also enjoyed hanging out with Scott and Ross. I had a crack at liveblogging the event. If you missed them, you can check out the replays: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

EDIT: ps – Victory Boy took the above photo!!