1. Anonymous says

    Sorry I mean “soccer”

    Did you see those t-shirts around world cup time which said “It’s not soccer mate…’s football” I really wanted one..

  2. David says

    it is now called football in australia… the only problem is the name of the australian men’s football team… SOCCERoos!

    i think the name will stay – it will be a good reminder of the soccer days… but now we’re in asia – it’s football.

    you can probably pick up one of those t-shirts at rebel sport. they have any world cup gear marked down now.

    hey nixter – who do you go for in the premier league?

  3. Anonymous says

    FOOTBALLroos just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    I don’t mind Newcastle but I don’t get to see it anymore as I am here and we only have free TV. What about you? I like all the big games, where world teams play, I got up and watched a fair few world cup games at ‘stupid o’clock’ in the morning.

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