Did you watch THE BIBLE last night on channel 9? What did you think? I thought it was great! Here is what John Dickson and Greg Clarke had to say:

As I suggested in this post, I think we have an easy opportunity to engage our community with the bible over the next month.

Who can you chat to today and bring up the bible in the conversation? Here are 3 tweets/status updates I just sent out:

If you’re interested in finding out more about the story behind the story… READ PARTS OF THE BIBLE RELEVANT TO THE SERIES HERERead any part of the Bible hereRead the most epic part of the story with me here.

COMPASSION IN INDONESIA (feat. Colin Buchanan) @CompassionAU

Stoked to share this video from our recent trip to Manado, East Indonesia with Compassion Australia! Features Compassion Ambassador Colin Buchanan and Pastors from around Australia. Inspired again by Compassion’s Christ-centred, child-focused, church-based work.

Props to Andy and Tom for a killer job pulling it together!

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THE BIBLE Mini Series got crazy ratings in the US when it launched on the History Channel. Apparently it’s pretty good. It’ll be premiering on channel 9 in Australia this Tuesday night at 9pm (16 July 2013). Check out this article in Eternity. Here are some resources for churches (including extended overview). And here is the channel 9 sneak-peak:

This is a great opportunity for Christians to talk about Jesus and the Bible with their neighbour. Even if you think the mini series could have been done better… still an opportunity to talk! Get on it.

Interested in finding out more about the Bible?

Go read the Bible and learn about the main character here.

Or find answers to questions you have here.

EDIT: Now that the series is over, here is a set of resources that might be useful for continuing to considering the Bible.


The following is taken from John Stott’s The Living Church: Convictions of a lifelong pastor. The book is from 2007, but the quote is from one of Stott’s 1974 sermons.



In the Roman Catholic Calendar All Souls Day (2 November) commemorates the souls of the faithful departed who are regarded as being in purgatory. This being so, we at All Souls are often asked why such a committed evangelical church as ours should have been thus named. The answer is not hard to find. We understand that the church founders were determined to build a church large enough to seat all the souls of the parish. Thus their resolve was not to commemorate all the souls of the dead, but rather to accommodate all the souls of the living.

The church was consecrated and opened to the public on 25 November 1824. So when the year 1974 dawned, we were anxious to mark the 150th anniversary of the dedication of the church. I was asked to preach on the nearest Sunday and to look into the future. With due apologies to Martin Luther King and his famous dream speech in Washington, D.C., I concluded my sermon with my own dream:

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