Jonathan Edwards had a list of 70 Resolutions. My attention span hasn’t ever allowed me to actually read them all, but from what I can tell they are rock solid. In 2014 I have a list of FOURTEEN HASHTAGS. My hope is that these #HashtagResolutions will give me some focus in different areas throughout 2014.

This is PART 1 of 4 summarising my #HashtagResolutions.

The first 3 of my fourteen hashtags are all about bad habits I want to kill.


Maybe this is too much information for hashtag one? If so, I’m sorry. Feel free to stop reading. Apparently there are studies that say that sitting on the toilet for too long isn’t good for you. But this is more about using time effectively and not feeling the need to always check in to social media. 4 days into the new year. I’m tracking with 100% on this one.


I love good muesli. Thankyou Australia have recently launched food products. If you buy their muesli you are helping to provide food for communities in the developing world… and you get to eat the tastiest muesli on the market. Even better than Carman’s! However, this resolution is about not eating it at midnight. It’s a great late night snack, but terrible for your diet to be having it soon before bed. 100% so far on this one.


I’m not going to link to any articles, but it seems that the different life hack websites are all suggesting that multi-tasking is a myth. I regularly try to multi-task, but it leads to greater ineffectiveness. So I want to quit. This is harder to measure than the first two, but so far so good.

Have you got bad habits you want to kill? Kill them! But be specific and realistic. Feel free to share any of your goals in the comments.

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