Jonathan Edwards had a list of 70 Resolutions. My attention span hasn’t ever allowed me to actually read them all, but from what I can tell they are rock solid. In 2014 I have a list of FOURTEEN HASHTAGS. My hope is that these #HashtagResolutions will give me some focus in different areas throughout 2014.

This is PART 2 of 4 summarising my #HashtagResolutions.

The next 4 hashtags on the list all express a desire for more good stuff.


This is a positive to replace a negative. The negative? Eating at random times (like Muesli at midnight). The positive? Not eating at random times. Does this mean I will skip meals and chew gum instead? No. Just that I won’t eat extra for the sake of eating. Instead I’ll eat Extra. This one is going well so far. However, I’ve run out of gum. So let’s see how we go later tonight!


I turned my back on a professional bodyboarding career when I turned 30 and took up surfing instead. This is my ride. To be honest, I’m not very good at surfing. But my surfer swagger carrying the board to the beach is impressive. #SurfMoreWaves is about surfing more waves, but also a more healthy lifestyle. I work hard and need to be deliberate in taking time out each day for exercise. I’ve managed to do some exercise everyday so far this year. 8 days down. 357 to go.


This is also related to the #NoMultiTasking hashtag. I’m an ideas man. That’s cool. But what is uncool is the number of projects I begin and leave unfinished. If it was a bad idea and took a little bit of time to realise, I guess it’s okay to abandon. But my goal this year is finish more of what I start. Stay tuned for progress!


This is our $10 Lightning McQueen kite flying in action. This particular kite has been on some amazing adventures. I accidentally let go of it on Narrabeen Beach a few weeks ago and it went over a tall block of units before landing on the roof of a shop. Luckily a (much younger, fitter and risk-taking) friend was at a nearby bus stop and climbed the roof to retrieve McQueen. #FlyMoreKites is less about the kite and more about being deliberate in spending time with my family.

Have you got good things you want more of in 2014?
Feel free to share any of your goals in the comments.


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